EDAPS-2021 - Sponsorship Opportunities

EDAPS (Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems) is the premier symposium in Asian area to discuss IC design, SiP/SoPpackaging, EMI/EMC, and EDA tools for advanced 3-D IC and packaging design. EDAPS is sponsored by the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS).

During the last eighteen years, the IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging & Systems (EDAPS) Symposium has evolved into a forum of exchange on the latest research and developments in the field of microelectronics system-level integration. Engineers from academia and industry worldwide convene every year to discuss the most important challenges in system-level design, modelling and simulation.

EDAPS will be an excellent forum to highlight the latest advances in the high-speed and high-performance semiconductor industry. Engineers and researchers will engage in the 3 full-day conference and workshop, to be held during December 13-15. The forum offers a great opportunity for sponsorships and for the related companies to build their brands in this leading international platform.

To become a sponsor for EDAPS-2021, send request to:admin@edaps.org