Wednesday, December 16

Session W-IV.B: Poster Session W2

14:50 - 15:00 - China Standard Time

Chair: TBD

  • W-IV.5. Design and Measurement of a HDMI 2.1 Connector for 8K TV considering Signal Integrity [72]
    Gapyeol Park *, Hyunwook Park*, Daehwan Lho*, Junyong Park*, Kyungjune Son*, Seongguk Kim*, Taein Shin*, Keeyoung Son*, Joonsang Park*, Joungho Kim*, Junho Lee +, Seongmin Choi +
    +Korea Electric Terminal
  • W-IV.6. Performance Comparison of NRZ, PAM3, PAM4, and ENRZ With Regarding Insertion Losses [113]
    Sherman Chen
    Kandou Bus
  • Live Q&A
    Panel of Presenters